Have you ever gotten eye twitch? I sure have and with how stressed everyone is during this coronavirus scare, don’t be surprised if you get eye twitch more often.. None of us has ever been through scary times like this, and hopefully we never will again. We're supposed to be thinking about springtime activities after being cooped up all winter, and yet the whole world is having to isolate, and so most people are very afraid.

Eye twitch is annoying. It’s persistent. But what is it?

According to Dr. Daniel Lazar, an internal medicine physician at Advocate Lutheran General Hospital in Park Ridge, IL., Stress is the number one reason your eye is twitching. In most cases a twitch caused by stress resolves on its own when the stressful situation ends. Tips to de-stress like meditating or exercising often help alleviate that annoying twitch. You can also try a warm compress or a gentle massage of the affected eyelid.

Other causes are not enough sleep; too much caffeine; a deficiency in magnesium; dry eyes; bright lights; wind; physical exertion; or eye strain. If these are the reasons for the twitch, a reduction in caffeine or an increase in sleep should help., or sometimes using an antihistamine or lubricating eye drops will help.

“While an eye twitch is typically just an annoyance, it is also important to note that in some cases, there are brain and nervous system problems which have eye twitches as a symptom,” says Dr. Lazar. “They include Bell’s palsy, cervical dystonia, general dystonia, multiple sclerosis and Tourette’s syndrome. These conditions are always accompanied by other fairly dramatic symptoms, so if an annoying twitch is the only sign that something’s wrong, it is likely related to a more benign common cause like stress or fatigue.”

So during this scary time when both stress and fatigue are consuming us all because we are worried for ourselves and our families, know that when things get resolved, we can all go back to worrying less and have less eye twitching too.


Source: excerpt from Advocate Aurora Health eNews

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